2016 Opening Ceremony


What happens when you place young talented Africans in a room together and have them come up with

an event? Explosives! And indeed it was… explosive. We are talking about the African Leadership

University Opening Ceremony, 2016. The event saw the full inaugural class and distinguished guests

coming together at the Beau Plan Business Park, Mauritius, in an array of both cultural and western

wear to celebrate the opening of this new- and worth looking out- for institution.

The theme: This is the New Africa, or TINA, which also means “Us” in Zulu, set the pace for the event.

Free flowing entertainment coordinated by the narrator for the night, Lubalenkhosi, gave one a sense of

being a part of something great. They say there has never been a greater time to be African- to be a part

of this new Africa. TINA, all in attendance can attest to that. From the student opening speech by

Lethabo down to the last performance by Daniel who told us that One Man Can Change the World,

through song. The Rwandan to South African inspired dances, the thrill of a poetic high, incredible duets

in English and sang with love in Swahili, there was something for everyone. We could go on, but, you get

the point.

So if we had to choose one word to describe the event? TINA. After all, this is the new Africa and we, the

new generation of Young people, are the ones shaping it into the vision of success we want to see one

moonshot at a time…

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