About Ingress Media

Ingress Media is an alliance of media and entertainment companies aimed at leveraging the tools of media to unite universities and young people across Africa. Founded in 2016 by Arinze Obiezue, the company has grown to house a number of sub-companies with growing representation and influence in Mauritius. The current team of Ingressors are students of African Leadership College & Middlesex University representing over eight (8) different nationalities.


Ingress TV
This is the division of Ingress Media which serves as an online television station for shows created and run by African college students.  Shows which are currently aired on Ingress TV are:

– ‘Blackboard’ with David da Cruz King
– ‘Chatbox’ with Ofeibea Sakyi-Addo

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Ingress Studios
This is the sub-division of Ingress TV which produces video content for both Ingress Media and third-party partners, clients, etc.
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AfroHunterz Records
This is a company under the Ingress Media umbrella whose vision is to take world-class music from African universities to the rest of the world. AfroHunterz works with artists from across the continent to promote, distribute, and sell their music.
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