ALU Bonfire Night 1.0


It was just yesterday, when about 50 ALU students gathered at the Beau Plan Business park to have a digital bonfire night. The buses came to a halt just outside the North wing of the premises, and the students chatted along the corridors radiating a unique kind of exuberance as they made their way to the auditorium.


Candles lit up the staircase as well as marked out the ‘red’ carpet and the stage. We also got to host some students from the Mauritian branch of Middlesex University at this event. The event kicked off in full swing a few minutes past 7pm.

The hosts, Ellen Savude and Nicole Wambui, set the ball rolling by picking the first act of the evening which was Sonia from Middlesex University. Sonia brought the room to mute as she enchanted us with her poetry which spoke against rape as well the objectification of women. She condemned the view of women as sex objects rather than as humans by the heavily patriarchal society we live in. We then danced to the beat of Nigerian Afropop as performed by yet another student from Middlesex University.


Throughout the night, we relaxed in our cozy beanbags as we were treated to diverse talent: poetry, music, dance, and a lot of comedy by our very amazing hosts of the evening.

We capped up the event with a performance by one of our amazing ALU staffulty who is a singer, songwriter, and a rapper. He performed a song he wrote while he was schooling in Philadelphia which captured the attention of all and;;;; sundry who were at the bonfire.


We look forward to more of such events and hopefully, we could stream it live for you to be a virtual participant.

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