Happy Birthday Ellen Savude!


Today, we had a time out with Ellen Savude, a Kenyan ALU student, on her birthday. She was dressed very nicely (as always) and radiated joy and happiness throughout the day. When we accosted her for the interview, she was too excited as a result of the love she received from the ALU community, that most times she would laugh for a few minutes before answering our question…see what love does?

Who are you, and what are you passionate about?

My name is Ellen Savude from Kenya. I am passionate about all aspects of community development and it is what really attracted me to ALU.

Why did you choose ALU and what have you enjoyed so far, being at ALU?

I chose ALU because of the unity-in-diversity it creates, and how it has succeeded in bringing all these great minds together. The people at ALU are people who, like me, have taken up the responsibility to solve the challenges of Africa in the best way they can. I have enjoyed interacting with all these amazing people from all over Africa who have shown the passion to help one another along the way.

As you have become a year older today, what are the goals you would want to achieve before your next birthday?

I look forward to putting myself ‘out there’ more in projects, community service and charity. I just want to give more of what I have to other people, and share my talents and gifts with others. This is something I haven’t really been doing as much but I want to do more of those now.

How different is this year’s birthday from the others you’ve had before?

Actually, it’s very relaxed and all that. Most of the time, my mum would pour water on me and take me out or she would just act like she didn’t know it was my birthday. But at ALU, it’s different.  I woke up to people screaming and shouting “Happy Birthday” with so much love and excitement. Honestly, I found that very cute and I really appreciate all the attention I’ve gotten today from everyone. In summary they made it feel cosy even though I am away from home.

So that was how our interview with Ellen Savude went. We would bring you more birthdays from the ALU community as soon as they happen.

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