INGRESS20 | ALC Edition is Here!

What is INGRESS20?


INGRESS20, launched by Ingress Media—the prime student-run media company at ALC—, is poised to become the prime listing of some of the most influential college students in Africa. The purpose of the listing is not to create a stratification amongst students, but to recognize and appreciate students who have used their talent, time, energy, and resources significantly to influence student life in their respective universities. This inaugural ALC Edition features students from the African Leadership College whose actions, projects, or roles have in one way or the other changed the way we think about and engage with student life at ALC. We had a number of  great nominations, but only had 20 spots so had to weigh each nomination uniquely per category.


This ALC Edition is only a catalyst to begin the annual INGRESS20 listings which would be released on November 1 each year. “INGRESS20/17, which will be released on November 1, 2017, is set to be the first official public listing of the 20 most influential college students in Mauritius. We will be announcing when nominations are expected to be open and hope to see a number of ALC students making the list.

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