ReImagine Education Conference

On the 16th of March 2016, arguably the biggest pan-African gathering of high school educators took place in Mauritius at an event held by the African Leadership College. I was honored to be one of the students who partook in the seminars and workshops with heads of the most prestigious high schools on the continent. Among these educators were Alim Ladha the Instill Education CEO, Chris Bradford-CEO of African Leadership Academy and Chineze Chijoke-Founder & CEO of Pioneer Academies.

There were quizzes given regarding trends in Africa in order to understand the problems facing our youth and education. We were enlightened on how we are sitting on what might be a goldmine.  We also learned about why exactly our current education system won’t help put this continent in first place.

“Education needs to put students at the forefront of their learning, and not the teachers” said one of the guests. Educators and students engaged in self and peer work as included in the ALU learning model. Heads of schools were asked to brainstorm, pick, and implement an idea that will significantly enhance learning in their respective schools.

We all left with the knowledge of what needs to be done in Africa and how we can, in any way possible, add to the change that will achieve this.

By Sam Kanu.

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