ReImagine Talent Symposium – The First Ever!

Time and again, the African Leadership University (ALU) has been identified as being disruptive – and rightfully so.  The ReImagine Talent Symposium 2016 serves as a fresh reminder of just how committed ALU remains towards building a concrete network between its students and potential employers.

As I arrived at ALU’s prominent Beau Plan campus, I felt that the uncertainty and excitement swarming the student body was but a hair’s breadth away from sweeping me with it. Faculty and staff were constantly on their feet as students slowly amassed inside the main building. There was a lengthy brief on the day’s schedule followed by a quick Q&A session. The uncertainty seemed to recede at this point, while the excitement soared as if to balance the atmosphere.

Following instructions, I sat in my assigned table anxiously awaiting the first batch of employers to begin the first of two industry deep dive sessions. Now that we (the students) were more isolated, I couldn’t help but imagine how isolated some of the employer’s must have also felt. My table was graced by a kind-spirited representative from ABAX – an international provider of corporate management and advisory services. Thirty minutes had passed by after which my peers and I had grasped a more specific understanding of the corporate services industry and about the company itself. It was definitely a rewarding and insightful experience for the employer as well since they learned about our passions and interests too.

  • My RIT experience

It was quite rewarding and insightful. I got to learn a lot about several industries, different employers, their values, and how these values shape their impact on this world. I discovered a desire in me to understand and join an industry I would not have considered prior to the experience. This was big for me.

  • What was good about RIT?

It was great that there was a variety of employers with different backgrounds from different industries.

  • My takeaway

My greatest success in the RIT symposium was being able to identify, understand and appreciate industries that appealed to my PICS (Passions, Interests, Causes, and Skills).

By Michael Muturi

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