Then Came ALUi… the story of when we started feeling like tourists in Mauritius

We had one week. One week off of school. Deadlines were extended, classes were cancelled along with a few club meetings followed by another week of seminal readings. Slowly the reality of being a student and not a tourist in Mauritius started getting a bit blurry. ALUi started feeling like a distant memory… We saw people going on road trips around Mauritius (by the way I am still jealous). Others enjoyed the movie festival or a night of art at the open mic. Who can forget Talanta? Special shout out to the organisers. Even more special shout out to the bartender, your services were appreciated… Wow, even a few of our ALU Ghosts… I mean, a few of our less social students who are eternally in their rooms finally came out of their caves to join the rest of the world for a few get-togethers and laughs. Yes, I cannot forget the bad things that happened in these past two weeks of no school, but I am just saying, a lot of fun things happened too, making the tourist vibes even stronger.


Well, that could not last. If anyone got too caught up in their little vacation (as I am sure many of us did), just remember ALUi is still there to cry on. Literally. Just cry as you remember that the deadlines were not jokes. No, they were not suggestions either (though I suspect a few people do not believe me). Those deadlines are still there, alive and kicking. And yes, they were waiting for all our Professional Procrastinators and Deadline Evaders to wake up to a long trip to Beau Plan where they would realise that yes, class sessions are still there too.

All said, now that the break is over, get out there and make use of this opportunity we have been given. And if you ever feel like not doing anything on a school day, just remember, there is always ALUi to wipe you clean of tears…

By Mpumalanga Zwane, 16 May 2016- 01:23



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