Voice Out! – The Launch

Voice!, ALC’s debating society was officially born on Saturday March 12, 2016.

The event, which was held at the Beau Plan Business Park, kicked off at exactly 18:14pm. There was a lot of energy in the room. One could easily tell that everyone was excited to witness the launch of Voice!

The event started off with a warm welcome by the MC, Temitope Stephens. Next up was the opening speech by Tinashe Alphah Sibanda, founder of Voice!,  on the beauty of his country Zimbabwe. He sang the unsung praises of the great country of Zimbabwe. He opened our eyes to the beauty of Zimbabwe which mass media does not show. He also spoke about the need to be heard by people; the need to create a safe space for people to share their views. He also cleared the stereotypes that people have about Africa. He painted the perfect picture of the truth – Africa is rising.






Peter Enejo, a Nigerian student, then educated us on the need for sleep as young leaders. After his lecture, we began to see sleep from a whole new light. We also had a very insightful talk from Piet Motaolota, a South African student and co-founder of ALC’s very first company – Snack Time.

We were also treated to two very exciting impromptu speeches by Dennis Takaendesa (Zimbabwe), Simiso Shabangu (Swaziland) and Given Edward (Tanzania). They spoke on “The Mauritian Independence”, “The Swazi Economy” and “Refugees in Europe” respectively. It was really exciting to see how they were able to organize their thoughts in such a very short time.

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Then we had the Crucial Conversation session hosted by Melissa Kariuki, a Kenyan student and co-founder of COMMON, on the topic “Are Peer Groups As Effective As They Should Be?”. There were also guests on the talk show: Samuel Kanu (Nigeria) and Morema Mafantiri(Lesotho). A lot of very crucial points were raised from the perspectives of the very insightful hosts. The discussion was eventually thrown to the crowd to also share their points of view on the topic. Questions were thrown across the room and answered by both faculty and students. At the end of the session, the attendees had gotten most of their questions answered.

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We then got to the peak of the entire event which was the debate session on the topic: “African Countries Should Follow Countries Such As Senegal Who Have Put A  Quota on Women In Politics”

Speaking in support were: Dennis Takaendesa (Zimbabwe), Lindokhule Zungu (South Africa) and Lubalenkosi Ncube (Zimbabwe)

Speaking against the topic were: Mohamed Bouya Malainine (Morocco), Adu Richard Poku (Ghana), and One Pamela Pusumane (Botswana)

The debate was very insightful as we, the audience, got to view the topic from very many perspectives. Tensions rose, arguments intensified, anger flared, eventually a winner emerged! The against-team!!!

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The event was sugar-coated with the very sumptuous delicacies prepared by the ALU Cooking Club.

Sadly, as they say, all good things MUST come to an end.

The event ended with a closing speech by the faculty advisor of Voice!, Mena Odu.

In retrospect, Voice! organized a very spectacular event which would make most of the participants nostalgic for weeks.

In the future, we look forward to covering the launch of other very amazing enterprises at the African Leadership college



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